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Alpha-Wellen Musik die ideale Ergänzung zum Alpha-Stim


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Musik hören macht Spass und hilft.

Orange Grove Siesta


Schlaflosigkeit? Bestseller #1, works like a dream!

Hörer berichten von folgenden positiven Effekten:

  • Lindern von Schlaflosigkeit
  • Beruhigung und Entspannung für alle Altersgruppen
  • Fördert Kreativität und Zusammenarbeit
  • Kinder jeden Alters werden ruhiger und entspannter

CD 40 Min

Musik ist die ideale Ergänzung zum Alpha-Stim.

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Orange Grove Siesta


These six compositions are in the relaxing piano music convention of composer John B. Levine.
An exceptional treatment for insomnia and is especially popular with women when an overly busy mind prevents sleep. It provides a calm atmosphere in the home, classroom or office. Reiki masters in particular recommend this CD.
John Levine is both composer and pianist for this recording. His accompanying musicians improvise throughout the piece and their sound experiments create variance in timbre, without disturbing the overall artistic music expression.
The compositions are enriched by a variety of balanced and well-matched instruments. The mesmerising tones of the Australian digeridoo weave through the music, adding an entrancing quality and special depth.
John Levine is a classically trained composer and pianist and this work is based on his knowledge of the centuries-old pentatonic and lydian scales. Musical tension builds slowly and nobly with no rush or rough discords. The "spherical" sounds bring you to alpha state within 4 minutes. To understand the importance of alpha, read About Brain Waves.
Of this particular piece John B. Levine says: "Let's relax in alpha state and get carried away by our imaginations."

This album creates the ambience of a hot summer's afternoon. Instruments influence the listener, especially guitar and Aboriginal didgeridoo with its special trance-like tone, evolving into gentle musical planes.
A.M.Szelag, Dip.Music (Poland)

Who may find "Orange Grove Siesta" especially useful?

Students of all ages
Project planners
Therapists: Massage, Beauty, Aroma
Students and teachers of contemplative exercise, for example, Yoga, Pilates and Qi gong
Excellent tool for insomnia among women!

Note: Always buy the "Therapists Version" for your business. Therapist Versions are specially mixed to offer 60 minutes of uninterrupted play. They include a FREE one-year license.

Reported Listener Benefits

Insomnia sufferers; rapid relief from sleeping problems.
Inspires creativity, aids communication
Helps create a cooperative atmosphere, for example, when children are at creative play
Deeply calming: helps when taking time out and with sleeplessness
Restless children? Highly recommended
Settles and calms whirling thoughts

Client testimonial:

After 22 years of sleeplessness, ‘Orange Grove Siesta’ changed Cynthia’s life

On a visit to London in 2004, Cynthia told her niece, Ruth, about her problem. Ruth listened sympathetically, then said perhaps she had something that would help: Alphamusic by John Levine. Incredibly, she had one of John’s CDs right there, ‘Orange Grove Siesta’, and she put it on to play. Cynthia says, “It was so soft and relaxing that I said straight away, ‘Put it on again’. I listened again: it was as if I saw angels, or I was flying in a parachute. I asked Ruth to leave the CD with me. That night I put it on to play and lay down on my bed. Again I felt as if I had wings, so quiet and serene. For the first time in 22 years, I fell asleep without pills and slept for more than two hours. When I woke, I took only one pill and went back to sleep for another five hours; at my age, that’s a lot of sleep. The music relaxes me. I feel well.”
Cynthia Hearne

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